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Dm note
I hope to catch up to where the party is at the moment, soon!
Please feel free to comment, critique or give suggestions on improvements!

Building as we go along
Design Blog


The core design of this campaign

This adventure, brings 4-5 players up from simple beginnings in their quiet humble homes to the forgotten and magical nooks and crannies of the Sword Coast, a place full of up and coming adventurers looking to see more of Faerun.
This adventure is also intended as an introduction into the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, or Pencil and paper RPG’s in general. The magical nature and plot of the story intensifies slowly as players acclimate to a world where anything really is possible!
This adventure will be modified and rewritten as we play through more, and of course as time permits. This Campaign is living and was put together as a way for me, moving to a new city, to meet new people, and with hope this helps you do similar and strengthen the bonds you have already with your friends, or develop new ones!

The story summary so far

Red Larch is a small town that has recently found a quiet peace, between orcs in the mountains, bandits in the woods and the corrupt influences of two neighboring cities, Neverwinter and Waterdeep. The peace in the town has been a governing gift of the kind and quirky mayor Ib, a goblin that has given up his sword and adventuring for a life bringing people together.

During the festival of the fall equinox, a rainstorm hides the explosion created by several bandits as they ransack Ib’s home, looking for an amulet and sword that were known to be magical. The bandits are employed by a mercenary, soured by the lack of work in the now peaceful town of Red Larch, named Dennis Brand.

Following the trail of the mercenaries to their hide out, it is discovered that several locations are marked for sabotage, bombs possibly placed in each important facility. Uncovering the casks of explosives, the trail leads the adventure to a storm train, that connects the underbelly of the small town to the outside woods, where our suspicious camp of mercenaries now pretend to be traveling gladiators, fighting for gambled coin.

With the help of an undercover Guardsman who is also hot on the trail of these awol mercenaries, they now travel to meet the head of this group of Mercenaries and confront them before more lives are lost and the peace in this town is destroyed.

where the adventure will go

The adventure does not end there, I have plans to take things further, bullet points for now as I develop and write, that will lead the players to meet a relatively agreeable undead, the ancient elves of a secretive druidic circle, and even further, to the great golden fields where the souls of the living and gods go to rest.

DM note

Hello everyone! I’ve been looking for a way to put all of the information and campaigning that my players have been going through, into a format that I could get feedback on, build upon and in the end develop a PDF, or small press book that people could use for their own adventures!

I have spent the last 10 years working on videogames, developing for Pathfinder and playing my own campaigns and getting the chance to make my own art, for my own setting, was a huge goal of mine, so I decided to get cracking at the work to be done!

My group meets on mondays, and everyone I have met randomly off of reddit. The city is new to me so getting to meet the locals this way, in my own nerdy way, has really been helping me get the sense that I belong.

I will be trying to update this as often as possible, to at least keep up with where the players are, and continue to add details, pages, art, and information.


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